View Full Version : Graflock roll film back

Tolga Yayalar
26-Aug-1999, 15:21
Hi everybody, I have a Calumet 45NX camera with rotating back. And I've just purchased a used RH8 roll film back. I basically couldn't figure out how to insert it. I know I h ave to remove the ground glass but it seems like camera back and the ground glas s is unseperable. Do you have any idea how to remove it or this type of holder i s unusable on this back? Thanks

sheldon hambrick
26-Aug-1999, 18:57
Are you sure that you camera has a Graflock back and not a simple spring back?? The roll film holder that you have is designed to be used with a Graflock back, in which the ground glass assembly can be removed by simply pressing on the spring arms, and sliding it to the right. If your camera has a spring back (where the glass assembly is not meant to be removed, then you need a "slide in" type roll film holder, like those sold be Calumet (as it's name indicates, it slides in under the glass).

Tolga Yayalar
26-Aug-1999, 19:03
Thanks I've just figured it out. For a moment I thought I bought the wrong holder and panic. Thanks again.