View Full Version : 4x5 Point and Shoot Camera

19-May-2015, 08:36
Not exactly point and shoot but pretty close.

I had a 4x5 Fotoman I sold a couple of years ago. Regretted selling it and started looking for another. I discovered the Dayi 4x5. It was about half the price of the Fotoman because it doesn't come with a back. I've got a ton of Sinar parts and accessories and several backs so the version for Sinar was perfect. Also had the Nikon 90.

The camera itself was not as nicely finished as the Fotoman but the ability to use a Sinar back was a big plus. I think the Fotoman ground glass assembly was the weakest part of that camera. After composing a couple of shots under a dark cloth I realized the right angle viewer attaches easily. No more dark cloth, no more loupe! I set the focus at the hyperfocus for f22 and haven't touched it since. Shooting mostly landscapes this has worked out perfectly. The negatives a very sharp.

This camera has enhanced my photography with all my cameras. I'm taking more pictures because it's easy to wander around with this setup. When I see something that would benefit from a little more creative effort I'm inspired set up something else.

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