View Full Version : Cropping at the film plane

Henry Friedman
24-Jan-2005, 06:53
For those who have tried modified darkslides in order to create panoramic formats on sheet film; I am curious about the frame edge characteristics. The darkslide sits somewhat farther from the film plane than the holder edges. Does this create a softer border, due to diffraction?

Thanks for your help.

N Dhananjay
24-Jan-2005, 07:53
Nope, pretty hard-edged. Diffraction patterns become greater the further away the viewing screen/whatever is placed from the edge creating the diffraction - your shadow cast on the ground on a sunny day can be sharp while the shadow cast by an airplane up in the sky can be so blurry as to be invisible. The darkslide is just too close to the film for diffraction to be an issue. Cheers, DJ

Brian Vuillemenot
24-Jan-2005, 11:38
My experience has also been that the border is hard-edged. My cut was not perfectly straight when I cut the darkslide, so the border is a little ragged, but the edge is crisp. I was able to get the cut a little smoother by using fine grained sandpaper. Of course, it doesn't make that much of a difference, since the slightly jagged edge will be outside of the area scanned and printed.