View Full Version : 210mm 5.6 APO Symmar lens and Copal 1, and Graphex #2...

Dean Taylor
18-May-2015, 18:27

Two quick questions from a beginner today:

1) after mounting the APO Symmar in the Pacemaker Speed Graphic, will the SG cover close--or, does the lens front prohibit complete closure of the cover?

2) we have the 135mm 4.7 Graflex Optar in a Graphex #2--the back mounting ring is off, but is it possible to unscrew the front element from the shutter, or is some disassembly of the shutter required (we'd rather not force it). Does the rear element unscrew--or, is 'built in' (lack of better term) to the shutter somehow?

thank you

Dean Taylor

Oren Grad
18-May-2015, 18:48
1) No, it's too big to allow the camera to close.

2) The front and rear cells ("elements" are individual pieces of glass within the "cells") should both unscrew without disassembling the shutter itself.

Alan Gales
18-May-2015, 19:50
I had the Caltar version of the Rodenstock Geronar 210mm f/6.8 lens and it just folded up in a Crown Graphic. The Geronar was an entry level lens with less elements and less coverage but with more than enough coverage for a Speed or Crown. They are plenty sharp stopped down too. Lately, I've seen a few of these lenses (Rodenstock and Caltar versions) sell for less than $100.00 on Ebay.