View Full Version : Dimensions of Compur #2 and Compur #3 shutters?????

Bogdan Karasek
18-May-2015, 04:59
I have a S.K Symmar 240/5.6 convertible (240 > 420mm/12) that sits in Compur shutter that has a dual aperture ring, one for the 240 and the other aperture ring for the 420. The front and rear cells sit in holes that are 45mm in diameter.

Does that make the shutter a #2 or #3 Compur?

Steven Tribe
18-May-2015, 05:15
You can check in the comprehensive list of sizes given in a previous thread. Search for "thread sizes compur". The link is given in the second posting!

18-May-2015, 06:00
That's Compur #2 45.75mm threads 0.75mm. I had one (which was stolen) and definitely a smaller shutter than the #3's.


18-May-2015, 12:03
Agreed it is a compur 2. The 150 xenotar shares that shutter too, as do a few other lenses (165mm super angulon, etc.)