View Full Version : 20x24" negative /emulsion side?

George W.
17-May-2015, 13:02
As far as I know 20x24" film is not marked by "code notches"
showing also which side emulsion side is?

looking at Ilford, Bergger, Agfa and others…

well there is the "lick test", but every other test is a little
bit expensive a this size of film :-)

---> any hints?


Oren Grad
17-May-2015, 16:00
I'd expect film marketed for photographic use to be notched, even at that size. I've handled Ilford film as large as 12x20, and that's notched.

Monty McCutchen
17-May-2015, 17:53
My 20 x 24 film from the Ilford run every year is always notched for the film that it is--in my case FP4

I used Berrger for a while when I first got started and it was always notched as well although I have used that in over a decade so my knowledge of that film is dated accordingly.


17-May-2015, 18:05
My Bergger 12x20 negatives notched~

Tracy Storer
17-May-2015, 21:21
Always notched, except maybe Xray films.

George W.
18-May-2015, 10:50

thank you very much for feedback!

besides mostly Ilford and Bergger I still have a third brand, I must check

I have no X-ray film until now, and I am wondering whether X-ray film of any kind was ever manufactured in 20x24",
I don't think so

I have some outdated graphic films of various sizes, all kinds, might be that these are not notched, as it is so
long out dated I do not care

18-May-2015, 11:37
most xray is double sided so it doesn't need notches.

George W.
18-May-2015, 12:00
most xray is double sided so it doesn't need notches.

that makes sense!
did not think of that :-)

Tracy Storer
18-May-2015, 13:12
Graphic arts films like Kodalith were not notched, IIRC.

25-May-2015, 05:43
A few years ago I got an order of 20 x 24 Adox ISO 100 and when I was loading the first sheets found they were not notched. The room was obviously very dark to be loading film. My eyes had adjusted to the dark and there was just barely enough stray light in the room coming through a leak that I could see a difference between the two sides of the film.The non-emulsion side has a shiny surface. I loaded the film just fine and there was no fogging.

This was when you could just buy Adox of this size off the shelf from Freestyle. I miss that.