View Full Version : Indigestion & 5x7 film holders---recommendations?

John Kasaian
23-Jan-2005, 21:57
The Italian take out place gave me the wrong order and alfredo sauce gives me indigestion (I ordered "the Scarface" which has marinara sauce and they gave me "Pollo something or other that has alfredo sauce) so I didn't feel like doing much tonight other than going through my collection of 5x7 film holders.

Which leads me to the question: What are your favorite 5x7 film holders?

In the past, I've been working with a bunch of old Agfa Anscos since my "primary" 5x7 is an Agfa Ansco, but after tonight my new favorite is the Kodak made by Graflex ones. Not only is the plate covering the light traps removable for cleaning and repair(like on the 8x10s) but with the dark slides in place the overall length of the holders are nearly a full inch shorter on the long side than comparable Liscos and Fidelitys (both plastic and wooden versions)

Any other noteworthy insights on 5x7 holders I've been missing?

Hey, where'd I put that bromoseltzer??

David F. Stein
23-Jan-2005, 22:27
I think you grasped the ley. Some holders have so little territory beyond the stop or "overcut" that it makes grabbing onto them difficult.

Ole Tjugen
24-Jan-2005, 00:10
I like the Linhof ones - they are assembled with screws, making diassembly for cleaning, repairs and parts cannibalisation much easier. The even older Linhof Universal plate/film hoders with pressure plate are nice too!

Vick Vickery
24-Jan-2005, 05:10
OOOOOH...I'd eat a 5x7 holder if you put Alfredo sauce on it!!!! :)

domenico Foschi
24-Jan-2005, 15:46
Story of the alfredo sauce: Alfredo, a notorius italian chef in Rome, was asked by his pregnant wife to fix her a pasta without tomato sauce , but with a lot of dairy products into it, thing never heard of before concerning any sauce for pasta.
The famous chef then, mixed in a pan butter, parmigiano cheese, nutmeg and black pepper , let evrything melt and mix, let it cool for a while , pour the concotion(spelling ?) in a cheese cloth , rolled and let it cool completely.in a salami shaped form, he then cut a slice off the roll , heated it up and stired in the pasta.
That is how the pasta alfredo started.
Sooooo, all these restaurateurs, have been deceiving the american public so far in believing that Alfredo sauce is cream based.
What was the question about the 5 x 7 holders?

Chad Jarvis
25-Jan-2005, 07:37
I prefer the older plastic Lisco and Fidelity models with the aluminum-edged dark slides in clam sauce.