View Full Version : What camera is this tiny lens board for?

Tim Meisburger
17-May-2015, 02:59
I have been saving up to buy a tele-xenar 360mm, and while I was in the US one came up on eBay, but from a non-photographer seller. Since I was in the US and had the minimum bid I went ahead ($162), and no one else bid so I won it. Luckily, everything seems pretty good on it, but it came with a tiny lens board like none I have ever seen before. It is 3" x 3" (76mm) with rounded corners. I have no use for it so thought I would pass it on. Here is is with the 360mm flange still mounted:

Here it is without the flange:


And here is the back. It has a little tab sticking out:


Tim Meisburger
17-May-2015, 03:01
Any idea what it fits? I'm guessing some sort of press camera, but I only know the graphic board.

17-May-2015, 03:06

17-May-2015, 04:47
Maybe a Busch pressman 4x5

17-May-2015, 05:29
Busch Pressman D. The threaded tang at the bottom is the giveaway.

17-May-2015, 06:57
Yes, it looks like Busch Pressman D to me also.

Tim Meisburger
17-May-2015, 18:08
Thanks guys! I will now pass it on.