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16-May-2015, 08:28
What do people use for ULF negative sleeves and storage?
I cannot find anything comparable to PrintFile in formats larger than 8x10.
I am thinking specifically of 14x17, but it would help those shooting other formats to know of any options.
Thanks in advance.

Oren Grad
16-May-2015, 08:46
Lineco ArchivalWare and Polyguard sleeves:



These are available directly from University Products, from B&H, and probably from other retailers too.

16-May-2015, 11:02
For 7x17 I am happy with those from Climaxphoto. Unfortunately they don't list 14x17.


16-May-2015, 11:59
Surely not as archival, but I bought a lifetime supply of xray envelopes for 14x17.

N Dhananjay
16-May-2015, 13:24
I like to use negative sleeves made from 1 ply archival microchamber material - see the bottom of http://lodima.org/archival-materials/archival-boxes/ to see this. The nice thing is that I can use a pencil to scribble printing notes like dodge burn patterns etc. which can't be done on the plastic ones. DJ

16-May-2015, 18:18
Thanks, guys!

Michael Roberts
3-Jul-2015, 08:18
Michael Smith sells ULF sleeves and boxes: http://lodima.org/archival-materials/archival-boxes/

Oren: I presume this is not commercial promotion since I have no financial interest in this, similar to your lineco post, above....

Oren Grad
3-Jul-2015, 09:20
Michael Roberts - that's fine. Yes, we know this is a bit awkward. We are working on some guideline revisions that, among other things, should clarify the rules under which vendors may promote their own products on the Forum.

Michael Roberts
3-Jul-2015, 13:38
Thanks Oren!

3-Jul-2015, 16:35
Gaylord has archival boxes: DFB141S is the item number.

3-Jul-2015, 16:37
Print File has the FF1418 FoldFlap Sleeves (package of 25) for protecting the negative.