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14-May-2015, 14:43
I picked up a gowland 4x5 aerial that had been made to work with a Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-S 150mm f5.6. That lens has a FFD of 147mm. I thought I could go with the much more affordable Nikkor W 150mm f5.6 with a ffd of 146.8mm. I guess those 2 tenths of a mm really make a difference because it is nowhere near in focus. With the help of a forum member (who shall remain nameless to protect his reputation) we have been experimenting with temporary shims but I still am surprised that there should be that much of a difference unless there is something I am overlooking.

Anyone looking to get get of a Sironar S 150?

Oren Grad
14-May-2015, 16:15
This is interesting. The spec for the late-model 150mm Nikkor W in S-type Copal 0 is indeed 146.8mm:


However, I have an early Nikkor LF lens catalog listing the older, non-S version of the 150 W, and that one specifies a FFD of 149.2mm. Is your Nikkor the older type?

PS, putting on moderator's hat: please post any WTB in the FS/WTB section!

PPS, taking off moderator's hat again: I wonder whether this difference has fouled up any Wista 45RF owners, since the rangefinder in that camera is specified as having been set up for Nikkor W lenses. I've never heard anyone mention a need to adjust the infinity stops depending on the vintage of Nikkor W lens that is used.

John Kasaian
14-May-2015, 16:26
Peter Gowland's website is still up. Check it out----you might be able to contact the fellow who ran the workshop for Peter. He'd know where and what sort of part you might require.

14-May-2015, 19:58
That must be it, I have the non S version. Back to the ebay. Thanks for clearing that up!