View Full Version : What to see near Lehi, UT

Kevin Crisp
14-May-2015, 11:01
I'm going to have a day or two to kill in that area. I'm driving so I can take any LF I want. Any ideas on things that are interesting?

David Lobato
14-May-2015, 11:21
It's been a long time since I was out there. Highway 92 that circles around Mt. Timpanogos has scenic alpine views. Stop to explore trailheads and parking areas along the route. Or do a wider loop out to Heber City. Hwy 6 through Price Canyon may have photo opportunities. If you like minimalist scenes the Great Salt Lake has a lot to offer.

14-May-2015, 11:22
I would recommend American Fork Canyon (http://hikesandlakes.com/americanforkcanyon.html)

14-May-2015, 13:05
If you've got a lot of time, try the High Uinta's. But the Alpine Loop (Highway 92 mentioned about) is super close, it goes through American Fork Canyon and Provo Canyon as well (another nice area, along the Provo River).

14-May-2015, 14:59
There is tons of stuff that is day trip-able from Lehi, everything from dunes at little sahara, the west desert to high alpine lake vistas, along with urban and industrial areas in and around salt lake city, or architecture around temple square. What do you like to photograph? Might help people narrow down their suggestions.

Kevin Crisp
15-May-2015, 07:01
I can't pass up dunes. And anything abandoned.

15-May-2015, 14:49
If you want more desert go West to Simpson Springs Pony Express Station. Near Dugway Proving grounds. Open country along the Pony Express route with a lot of sagebrush.

16-May-2015, 11:25
I would check out golden spike and the abandoned sites north of the great salt lake, and Thistle in American fork canyon just south of Provo. Take the rt turn onto 89 from route 6. You will see some abandoned buildings off the road. Lots of stuff to see