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13-May-2015, 11:14
Hi all

I am looking for source of 10x12 rtg SINGLE COATED negatives in Europe. 24x30cm is a little bit too small for my holders so 10x12 inches (~25,4x 30,5 cm) is essential (also the single coating for scratch free drum processing). Brand and source are welcome !


Oren Grad
13-May-2015, 11:39
Ilford/Harman is accepting small-quantity orders right now, as part of the annual ULF special order program:


You'll have to wait a few months for delivery, though.

15-May-2015, 01:25
...thank you Oren. FP4 would be a dream but it`s to pricey. RTG mammo film is only what i can do :)

15-May-2015, 03:41
Hi Jakub,
my main film is for many years Agfa CP-VB, green sensitive, single coated (formerly FOMA MEDIX-PT).
Im using this film in 8x10", 11x14" and 14x17" sizes. But in datasheet i see 24x30cm size also.
Check availability in 24x30cm size in Poland. Or buy 11x14" and crop to 24x30cm, prices are very low.

CP-VB (Clinical Practice-Video)
18 24, 8" 10", 24 30, 11" 14", 14" 17".

15-May-2015, 10:46
...thank you Jiri but you see, cutting larger sheets into smaller format is a real pain in the ass for me :) Besides 24x30cm is still to small for my 10x12inch holders and film sheet will just slip out of it. Yes of course, i would try modify the holder, but first i will try find dedicated film format - it`s more safety , especially for my holders ;)