View Full Version : 8x10 alive and well in NY Times Magazine Today

Neal Shields
23-Jan-2005, 08:46
Today's New York Times Magazine has several pages devoted to B&W 8x10s taken by Norman Jean Roy.

Unless of course they were taken with a DSLR and the borders faked in Photoshop.

Ralph Barker
23-Jan-2005, 09:45
It's great that the New York Times would run a piece on 8x10 B&W work. We can use all of the non-digital press we can get.

It's not so great, however, that they have compromised their editorial integrity to a point that we'd even think of them faking the borders.

Frank Petronio
23-Jan-2005, 12:33
You reactionary Ralph! Just because they published proven liars for years doesn't mean their articles aren't true in the broader sense. Does everything have to be black and white with you!? There are shades of grey and nuance to every story, and thank God the NYT is there to explain it to us! ;-)

Michael S. Briggs
23-Jan-2005, 13:18
The photos are in a fashion presentation in the magazine. As such they are more an "artistic" presentation of expensive cloths than news reporting, and as such the ethical standards are different. This isn't photojournalism, it is fashion photography. I don't know whether the signs of sheet film are real or not. While I have seen cases where the film holder borders are clearly faked, I've never seen anyone fake the clip marks of dip-and-dunk processing.

Tim Chakravorty
23-Jan-2005, 17:30
Those pictures weren't taken by Jason Blair..were they ? ;-)

Ralph Barker
23-Jan-2005, 17:50
Frank - being as I have Linux running on a couple of machines here, Ilove Gnu-ance. And, I especially appreciate shades of gray (as a B&W shooter). Heck, I can even deal with light shades of pink. I just think it's sad that the media in general (at both ends of the political spectrum, if such exists in the broad media) has seen fit to step over the ethics line often enough that we'd even think of them faking something.

Ellis Vener
24-Jan-2005, 08:59
Norman Jean Roy should be paying a substantial royalty to the Richard Avedon estate for those photos.

Dean Cookson
24-Jan-2005, 09:27
Why should she be paying Avedon's estate a royalty, becuase they're large format photos against a white background? Should the rest of us be paying Adams' estate everytime we photograph Halfdome? If we owe money to photographers that came before us everytime we shoot something similar we should all pack it in now.

tim atherton
24-Jan-2005, 13:20
Didn't Avedon have to pay royalties to the Guild of Passport Photographers of America? (or was it to the company that makes those 5 minute photo booths at railway stations - I forget)