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Peter De Smidt
12-May-2015, 07:02
Recently, I emailed Turner Bellows asking them about a replacement bellows for my Century No. 7. Joe Merry replied that Turner Bellows is no longer doing replacement bellows work.

12-May-2015, 07:51
You might try Custom Bellows in the UK. They recently made a replacement bellows for me to fit an Anniversary Speed Graphic. A nice company to deal with and the fit is perfect.

Peter De Smidt
12-May-2015, 08:05
Absolutely. My old bellows is on the way to England. Currently, it's about $300 plus shipping to have Custom Bellows replace a Century No. 7 8x10 bellows. There are cheaper options, but Custom Bellows does first rate work.

Tin Can
12-May-2015, 11:23
Too bad.

I really like my 3 matching Turner bellows I bought last year.

They should outlast me and the next owner.

I liked that they closely resembled the original Deardorff SC11 Studio camera bellows in material, design, pleats, folding and custom mounting with nailer strips. Authentic and work well.

More unemployed in Rochester. A skill, tooling and trade lost. :(

Tracy Storer
13-May-2015, 09:24
I think Mark Osterman posted on Facebook a while back that Turner had stopped making camera bellows.......I have seen Turner bellows that looked good, and some not so much, they actually made the original bellows for the Polaroid 20x24s in the 70s.
I have been dealing with the Custom Bellows (since before going private and the name change) for around 10 years. Excellent product and service.

13-May-2015, 12:03
When trying to find new bellows for my Whole Plate Gandolfi I contacted several makers, both domestic and European, including Turner, (several out of business from my 2010 list). Many of them had prices which gave me the vapors. I ended up with Western Bellows. Price was fair, quality excellent, about a month delivery.

23-Jan-2017, 11:55
I just found out today when I got a very speedy reply from Joe. You'd think he'd update the website to reflect this fact …