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10-May-2015, 05:15
Hi, one small question. Nikkor W and SW lenses have two types of Copal shutters. With "S" for seven blades and without for five blades. These can be found on 90mm, 120mm, but I cannot find on eBay any of "S" versions for lenses like 180, 210, 240mm... Do they exist? And how many blades have these shutters? Also only five?

10-May-2015, 07:40
As far as I know, the 's' thing only applied to the copal 0 shutters (all of my W and SW lenses in #0 have the 's'). My Nikkor-W 180 (#1) and Nikkor-W 360 (#3) don't have the 's' anywhere on the shutter or the lens, but they do have a seven blade aperture. Same with my Nikkor-M 300 f/9 (#1). Just avoid the relatively rare old copal shutters with the silver shutter speed ring and you'll be fine.

Edit: just compared a 1982 Nikon LF catalog and a 2004 catalog. The 's' designation was indeed only added to the copal 0 lenses.

10-May-2015, 08:18
I have never seen a seven blade Copal shutter. Do you have a picture or reference?

Oren Grad
10-May-2015, 08:47
We've discussed this before:


To my knowledge, all late Copal 0's and 1's have 7-bladed irises. A spot check of a few lenses around here just now is consistent with this.

10-May-2015, 08:48
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Just took these pics of my 300mm f/9.