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9-May-2015, 21:00
Hello fellow LF'ers!

I was recently awarded a residency at Brush Creek Ranch (http://www.brushcreekarts.org/residency.php) based on my Railroad Landscape Photography (http://www.nbcnewyork.com/on-air/as-seen-on/Railroad-Landscapes-Exhibition_New-York-274699641.html).

I am doing this Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1912212915/railroad-landscape-photography-new-york-city-to-br/) in order to fund a roadtrip to Brush Creek and back to NYC in order to create NEW work on the way.

It will be impossible without financial support!

Please take a look!!

Thank You

Kickstarter - RAILROAD LANDSCAPES - NYC to Wyoming (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1912212915/railroad-landscape-photography-new-york-city-to-br/)

Jim Becia
13-May-2015, 15:39
I have made a small pledge. Have enjoyed your work on the forum. Good luck.

14-May-2015, 09:43
one 8x10 on me


I had the same idea..well..sort of..(dying railroad stations/towns..in gritty B&W..) back when I could still run...
- so..good luck to you..like the stuff I saw

14-May-2015, 10:22
Jim & Dr Tang..... Thank you both for reaching beyond the funding goal!

Anything more will only create more possibilities.

16-May-2015, 20:00
Fellow 'foamer here. Just pledged. Looking forward to this.

16-May-2015, 20:13
good luck!

17-May-2015, 07:41
Hi John,

Just sweetened the pot !

Congratulations on reaching your goal and
Good wishes with your residency and safe travels.

Looking forward to seeing the results.


18-May-2015, 09:53
Thank you!!

14-Oct-2015, 12:05
I like your landscapes. Excellent and evocative work. However, I am perturbed by the sentence "is drawn to the topographically broad subject matter of the United States" is very awkward. It just does not make sense. Topography is by definition neither broad nor narrow - it is encompassing, unless delimited (as in "alluvial topography"). Do you mean that the subject matter of the US that you are drawn to is "topographically broad" as opposed to just broad in general? It is hard to make a case for the former. My best guess is that you mean that you are "drawn to the broad subject of the topography of the United States." Anyway, I think that this murky sentence is getting in the way of very lucid images.

20-Jan-2016, 17:43
Be sure to stop by for a visit. I'm next door to Wyoming. I have a "new" 5x7 camera and will be doing night shots with it in central South Dakota. Attached shots done with my Chamonix 4x5 on HP5.

Kent in SD145356145357

Andrew O'Neill
20-Jan-2016, 18:28
I think he's completed the trip, no?

31-Mar-2016, 09:38
Good project. I have a few train friends.