View Full Version : X-Files LF crime scene camera - real thing or prop?

9-May-2015, 19:42
I've been re-watching the early seasons of the X-Files on Netflix lately, and on a couple of episodes Mulder uses the following camera at a crime scene:


Googling turned up the picture, but no further information - so I thought someone here might be able to ID it. Possibly it's just a prop for the show? Pretty interesting-looking, anyway!

9-May-2015, 19:50
It is a good example of a prop master outdoing Polaroid's design.

9-May-2015, 20:03
That's what I suspect, too, but Mulder just uses it casually in the scenes - no attention is drawn to the camera in any way, and it doesn't seem to be special. So, it seemed unlikely the prop team would put any effort into cobbling something together, instead of just providing an off-the-shelf camera.

9-May-2015, 20:25
It's a camera Mulder confiscated from space aliens. The aliens used it for anal probe photos but he modified it for general purpose use. Careful... you might get flashed.

10-May-2015, 06:34
It reminds me of the Spectra type Polaroids that the police used back then. The fingerprint unit had one for doing closeups that looked kinda like that.

Alan Gales
11-May-2015, 13:46
It looks like the same camera that Drew Wiley used to take a picture of Big Foot.

11-May-2015, 18:05
Ha! :-D

Kevin Crisp
11-May-2015, 19:01
It's a Wisner with a lifetime guarantee. Ooops.

12-May-2015, 02:27
I remember looking this up earlier in the year, its a camera built for dentists IIRC, I'll try and find the model

12-May-2015, 02:34
Found it http://rturner.jalbum.net/POLAROID%20COLLECTION/SPECIAL%20USAGE/slides/DINE%20DENTAL%20CAMERA%20VR-25.html

12-May-2015, 13:15
Found it http://rturner.jalbum.net/POLAROID%20COLLECTION/SPECIAL%20USAGE/slides/DINE%20DENTAL%20CAMERA%20VR-25.html

great..now I want one

thanks a lot!

12-May-2015, 13:47
i doubt it would work for normal photography.

12-May-2015, 15:00
great..now I want one

thanks a lot!
Haha wanting one and finding one are two different things ;)

12-May-2015, 15:07

Focusing stats.. It's called the macro 5 slr

12-May-2015, 16:40
Every alien dentist has one!
Is film still avail. for it?

12-May-2015, 17:10
Oh, wow! Amazing, lench! How the heck did you find it?

John Kasaian
12-May-2015, 18:59
Interesting. I need some 8x10 negative protectors and mentioned it at the local camera store. Low and behold they keep that size in stock at the request of the the Arson investigators at the FD.

13-May-2015, 08:39
Haha wanting one and finding one are two different things ;)


Liquid Artist
13-May-2015, 18:43
i doubt it would work for normal photography.
I don't know about that.

When I met my girlfriend she had a special Nikon Dental camera belonging to her ex boyfriend (a dentist) She let me look at it, and there were some adapters that appeared to convert it for everyday use included.

Although I kind of wanted to play around with it, I'm greatful that she gave it back right away.