View Full Version : Are Arca-Swiss mounting plates and Really Right Stuff mounting plates the same ?

8-May-2015, 19:13
I just got a tripod with a RRS BH-25 head with a B2-40 LR C clamp on it. My question is this: are Arca-Swiss mounting plates and RRS plates the same size-IE: can you use A-S mounting plates on a RRS clamp and vice-a-versa ?

8-May-2015, 19:27
They are not the same. You can use both but one requires more tightening.

8-May-2015, 19:31
AAAAHHHH ! Thanks Vinny !

Jeff Keller
10-May-2015, 17:46
Even some of the older RRS plates are slightly different sized from newer plates. The older RRS lever clamp wouldn't work with some plates. Supposedly the newer RRS lever clamp design works with almost all plates.

19-May-2015, 08:29
I'm an engineer for RRS and I can say that the current lever clamps will clamp onto the AS plates, but they do not have the same holding force as our own plates. We tolerance to our own plates, which is a 50 pound load rating, so expect less on an AS plate. For our screw knob clamps, they work on most dovetail plates. For my F-Line camera, I use an RRS screw-knob clamp and it works perfectly fine.