View Full Version : Super Horseman 7/65 mm - centerfilter?

Aender Brepsom
22-Jan-2005, 11:08

do I need a center filter on the Super Horseman 7/65 mm on a VH, when shooting color slides?

If so, where can I buy such a center filter?

Thanks a lot!

Leonard Evens
22-Jan-2005, 13:40
I've used the 65 mm Horseman lens with my Horseman 980 for years. I've used it both for 6 x 7 and occasionally for 6 x 9 with sheet film. I never considered using a center filter and I've never noticed any significant drop off. Of course, there must be some, but it apparently has never been apparent in any of my pictures. I tend to be fussy, so I'm not likely to miss significant effects like this. 65 mm for 6 x 7 is roughly equivalent to 110 mm for 4 x 5 and to about 90 for 6 x 9, although the latter is not a good comparison because of difference in aspect ratio. Few 4 x 5 photographers find it necessary to use center filters for such lenses except in special circumstances.

Joffre Swait
24-Jan-2005, 08:08
I agree with Leonard. I've used the lens now for two years, and have noticed no significant drop off except in a couple of late afternoon (almost evening) shots, very dark sky ... even then it was quite acceptable. So I'd say the center filter is very, very dispensable.