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7-May-2015, 16:33
A friend in a nearby hospital has given me some T2 developer and fixer that is used for X-ray film. They have switched to digital and are dumping stuff. He has a number of sheet film holders/cassettes as well in odd sizes.

Anyone know about using the Fixer for normal B&W film? If it works, I'll use it. Maybe with the 8x10 X-Ray film he is giving me.

Any interest in the odd sized film cassettes? If so I can check with him next week or so on just what sizes he has.

Tin Can
7-May-2015, 16:55
The film cassettes are usually not good for us in any way, however old style medical X-Ray film holders that resemble very closely 'modern'? double dark slide fill holders can be used.

Find out what they have, you can always toss it later.

Any size X-Ray film is usable, same for the juice.

7-May-2015, 18:23
The developer and fixer can certainly be used, but you should be aware that these chemicals are formulated for automatic processors which can take a film from dry to dry in a matter of minutes; development time (at processor temperature) is far too short for manual development with any degree of control, so you should expect to work out your own time/temperature/agitation scheme unless you can find data from someone who has already done it.

The fixer is likely to be rather aggressive, so you may need to dilute it more and use the "twice the time to clear" rule.

Fortunately, x-ray film can be handled under the proper safelight, making things a lot easier.

8-May-2015, 07:43
I'm not planning on using the developer as Pyrocat HD as taught me by my Uncle works well. The fixer, I'll have to check further on mixing strength for tray use in a two bath fixing system. Trying to find out if anyone has experience with this stuff. A lot like 'inheriting' three newspapers darkroom chemistry and old paper along with seven enlargers. Some I could use, most I gave away and a few things I sold.

Depending on what they have and are getting rid of I'll post on here for giving away first.

Tin Can
8-May-2015, 08:41
and your mailbox is now full!

just kidding, maybe, I am not sending a PM for your good fortune. :)