View Full Version : What size hole is needed for 210mm APO Symmar lens?

Dean Taylor
7-May-2015, 01:18

A beginner asks about a lens board to accept the 210mm APO Symmar lens on a 4x5 Speed Graphic.

Specifically, would you know the dimension for the lens hole in the board--with this info, I might have a go at crafting my own lens board, to wit: a piece of aluminum stock, cut to size, drilled and painted flat black...

thank you

Dean Taylor

Emmanuel BIGLER
7-May-2015, 01:32
Congratulations for your Apo Symmar lens !
The 210 mm Schneider Apo Symmar is mounted on a #1 shutter

The retaining ring for all #1 shutters is threaded (inner thread) M39x0.75 ; outer ring diameter = 41.6 mm to fit inside a lens board hole 0.2mm broader i.e. hole diameter = 41.8 mm

Other dimensions for #1 shutters :
front lens group mounting thread = M40.0x0.75
rear lens group mounting thread = M36.0x0.75
distance (front / rear) between reference lens mounting seats = 20 mm +- 0.025

Marco Gilardetti
7-May-2015, 03:01
Dean, should you want to save some time and work, user "heavystar" sells on that-famous-site-that-used-to-do-auctions Graphic replica lensboards that he makes. They're new, well made, not expensive and I highly recommend them. You may want to buy the one without hole (those with holes are for #0 shutters).

8-May-2015, 12:58
Yeah, these boards are easy to come by and cheap. Also, if it's a later speed/crown, they don't use a flat board - the stamped aluminum board would be tricky to make yourself. I'd agree- source a Copal 1 sized board (42mm) on Ebay.