View Full Version : Are Calumet cases checkable?

6-May-2015, 10:21
I just got my Sinar F kit in a Calumet hard case. It included a heavy Calumet dark cloth as well, which I wasn't expecting but am glad to have (one less thing I have to add).

In playing with how to pack the camera, it seems like wrapping the body in the dark cloth and padding it into the center section secures it enough in the case and, assuming other accessories are adequately bubble-wrapped and extra straps put around the outside to keep it closed, this case could be checked baggage. I haven't measured it but I'm guessing it's both too big and too heavy to be carried on so if I want to take this camera with me internationally, I'll have to either figure out a way to create a carry-on to hold the camera and lenses and check the other sundries, or spring for a Pelican or similar.

But honestly the padding in this thing, combined with additional bubble wrap, seems to be very good protection. I can pack the camera in this case tight enough that I honestly think I could chuck it off the roof of my house! :) I'm not going to do that, of course, but it seems like a very good case. The buckles are a little worn, so it's definitely going to need additional support to keep it shut but other than that it seems like a great case.

Daniel Stone
6-May-2015, 12:17
Yes. I fly with (large & heavy) Pelican cases all the time. No issues. Just make sure what's inside is well padded.

12-May-2015, 08:08
Make sure to get TSA locks and buy some insurance for the trip as well.