View Full Version : Does the WIsta VX film holder come off to be able to use a 4x5-Nikon adapter? HELP!!

5-May-2015, 13:40
Hi everyone, I dont post much on here but would appreciate any help to this question.

I have a Wista VX which I love to use for macro work, even though I know its intended use is field work. I have a single lens for it which is the Nikkor 120mm macro which is what fills my needs and expectations. Im looking to use the lens with my nikon DSLR just for different uses and because I'm more curious of how it will render on digital than anything else. I have seen the 4x5 plates with nikon mounts but i cant seem to figure out how if at all the Wista Field cameras allow to take off the graflok back and just mount the plate directly on there.

Some of you I'm sure have solved this issue already or will recommend bellows with a custom mount solution for the lens, I have also considered that but would like some tilt/shift action which other than the mamiya bellows (expensive) I cant seem to find anything else other than buying a studio 4x5 camera. which I rather not do.

Thoughts, Ideas, encouragement, would be appreciated.

Alan Gales
5-May-2015, 14:22

Page 13 tells you how to take off the ground glass and use a roll film back. I imagine a Nikon adapter fits on the same way.

5-May-2015, 14:29

I m not sure why my previous searches had not turned up the versatility of this camera. and all of a sudden I found all the answers. Im going to leave this thread up in case anyone else needs the same information.

1) To take the entire back of the camera you need to rotate the back 45 degree to expose the (4) silver pins simply push them out and that exposes the entire back exposing the large round opening. To install, just reverse

2) Pushing in the two silver spring levers on the back will simply allow the focusing glass assembly to lift and separate off the back which in turn lets you mount an adapter plate (such as digital to analog plate) the two black thumb buttons press up to secure whatever you attach in place.

Im not sure which method allows for the roll film 6x7 6x9 6x12 and Polaroid backs to be attached. Or what the true need is to take the entire back off, (cleaning perhaps?) I think the revolving back has a round mount, which would make sense.

If anyone with experience cares to confirm or correct me. Please do.

Alan Gales
5-May-2015, 14:42
I took apart a Wista 45D to clean before I sold it. If I still had it in front of me I could tell you. The PDF I posted has the info.

The VX is a real nice camera!

Oren Grad
5-May-2015, 15:11
It's not necessary to remove the entire back of the camera to use Graflok-type accessories such as the rollhoders or Polaroid backs you mentioned - just the ground glass panel. That's your number 2.

Dan Fromm
5-May-2015, 15:36
This is what we get for calling roll holders backs. Confusion.

Alan Gales
5-May-2015, 15:52
This is what we get for calling roll holders backs. Confusion.

I'm guilty. Sorry!

6-May-2015, 00:55
@Alan Gales thanks for posting that PDF. I had an incomplete version of that manual and it did not have those pages. Im not sure why my previous searches never turned up the solution. Also thanks to anyone else who chimed in. Im kind of excited now to experiment as soon as I get that mount.

Alan Gales
6-May-2015, 09:27
You are welcome. I'm glad that I could help! :)