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David Hedley
4-May-2015, 00:27
PMK Pyro has been a favourite developer for several years, and I sourced it from Silverprint in the UK, but they stopped supplying their Speedibrews kit 2-3 years back. It was listed on the website of Lotus in Austria, but it's also now been discontinued there. Fotoimpex don't list it. I'm not sure that supply from the US in either liquid or powder form would be easy because of customs and transit regulations on potentially hazardous materials, but perhaps I'm mistaken.

I could probably mix it myself from raw chemicals (and may do so if there's no alternative), but I wanted to check here if there is an easy supply of this developer in Europe, enough to make stock solutions of 2-3 litres at a time?

4-May-2015, 00:45
Not PMK, but have you tried Prescysol - http://www.monochromephotography.com/section255608_207610.html

4-May-2015, 01:03
here in France:

David Hedley
4-May-2015, 03:07
Great, thanks for the link to Bergger / labo-argentique. I've contacted them and hopefully they'll be OK to send liquids to Switzerland.

I haven't tried prescysol, but have tried other catechol developers (Tanol, DiXactol). Tanol is very good, and probably a little easier to use than PMK Pyro, but I feel that PMK just has that marginal edge which can make a difference.

Doremus Scudder
4-May-2015, 04:32
Lotus View Camera in Ostermiething, Austria has PMK, Rollo Pyro and Pyrocat. Shipping to Switzerland should be fine and minimal, since they aren't very far away. I've done business with them in the past and they are great to work with.


Lotus View Camera
Günter Ströbele
Ernsting 73
A-5121 Ostermiething
Phone + 43 (0)6278-79 325 25
Fax + 43 (0)6278 79 325 55



David Hedley
4-May-2015, 05:15
Hi Doremus - I contacted Lotus a few weeks ago, and they told me they had discontinued PMK. Is that not correct? (It would be good to have more than one source).

4-May-2015, 06:43
In Germany Moersch Chemie.
Tanol and Finol both staining developers.

Colin Robertson
4-May-2015, 14:14


David Hedley
5-May-2015, 00:24
Thanks Colin - that looks like another good source of PMK Pyro, and in powder form which is probably easier for postage.

Doremus Scudder
5-May-2015, 04:15
Hi Doremus - I contacted Lotus a few weeks ago, and they told me they had discontinued PMK. Is that not correct? (It would be good to have more than one source).


It could be... I haven't got PMK from them for a while. However, their website still shows it. If you've contacted them so recently, then more than likely they don't have it anymore and their website simply has not been updated to reflect that. Too bad.


15-Jul-2015, 12:28
Macodirect have the Bergger PMK, they shipped some to me here in Denmark, so I'm sure they will ship to the rest of continental europe