View Full Version : Bag/box for toyo 45g

2-May-2015, 11:49
I have a 45g. I have a box for it, but to fit everything in, I have to completely disassemble the camera, which is a pain. Any suggestions for a box/bag that will fit the camera mounted on the rail. I don't mind squishing down into one rail for travel/storage....

Thanks in advance.

Mick Fagan
3-May-2015, 02:59
I am actually in the middle of building a box for my (new to me) 45G. Unless you need to make the box as small as anything for travel, then you will end up with an almost square cube, more or less. My box is having the camera using one short 250mm rail hanging upside down on two horse shoe pieces of wood screwed to opposite sides. When upside down, the tops of the standards are about 2.5mm from the bottom of the box. Once I put some felt on the bottom, they should nestle into the felt nicely, that's the theory anyway.

A similar arrangement is being done for the lid top. I will hold the lid in place by 4 elastic cord straps, similar to those used on ice coolers.

The width of the box is such that I have about 4mm either side, with felt attached, if I feel it is required, there will be minimum movement. I am working on some arrangement for the storage of the rail extension piece I have, which is also 250mm. I'll probably manufacture something for it to slide down in one of the corners.

This is a temporary arrangement. Once I really know what I need, I'll make another box that will carry all of the aforementioned stuff, plus at least two lenses and boards, plus at least 2 or possibly 3 DDS. All materials are from scrap picked around the neighbourhood, cost so far has been about $9 AUD for the straps and their fittings.