View Full Version : Multi-coated convertibles?

Roger Krueger
20-Jan-2005, 11:06
Did anyone ever make a multi-coated convertible (other than the beautiful, current, way-too-expensive Cooke XVa)? How well do modern (not intended as convertible) multi-coated Symmars hold up if you yank the front element? Needing to stop down to f32 is not a problem.

Am I correct in my assumption that a simple multi-coated lens with no elements in front of the (very stopped down, waterhouse-stop-style) diaphragm would be the most flare-resistant configuration possible? (I'm shooting night scenes with very bright in-scene light sources)

Ted Harris
20-Jan-2005, 11:48
Fool around with some of yoru modern lenses when you get a chance. You may be surprised! 4 years ago I was at a family wedding, had a 4x5 field and a few lenses along for some landscape work after the wedding. Their photographer never showed and I got pressed into service (ugh) to do some formal poses. Had some trouble getting the rear element of the lens I wanted to use on from the front so took it apart intending to reach through the bellows to put it back together. Well, bride and groom were in a panic, I got distracted, dorgot to screw on the back element. Kept wondering why the lens seemed so long! Of course realized what I had doen when i was taking down. Souped the trannies the next day with much trepedition .... they were fine ... sharp, good, all that stuff! Glad that I bracketed a few stops. Don;t recommend it as a matter of course but definitely worth a try.

Ernest Purdum
20-Jan-2005, 16:51
There are probably some modern lenses not advertised as convertible, but which will actually work on only the rear cell. The problem is, though, that they would most likely have an airspace, therefore two air-to glass surfaces, just what you don't want.

I think your assumption is correct, but I doubt if multicoating would make all that much difference as compared to single coating, particularly if the cell had all cemented elements.

Unless you expect a very unuisual amount of this sort of work, maybe trying out rental lenses would be better than a purchase.

tim atherton
20-Jan-2005, 16:53
the Computars were convertable (single or multi coated?) and the very similar Kowas are convertable in practice - I'm pretty sure they are multicoated?

David Karp
20-Jan-2005, 17:28

I seem to recall a thread some time back where Paul Schilliger discussed some experimentation with some modern lenses that were not advertised as convertibles, but actually worked quite well in that capacity. I think that some of them might have been Fujinons, or maybe Rodenstock's. Perhaps a site search with his name and the appropriate search words will turn that thread up. Good luck.

20-Jan-2005, 17:45
Find yourself a nice coated Dagor. No internal air/glass interfaces at all.