View Full Version : Horseman 6x9 back question??

Nacio Jan Brown
24-Aug-1999, 18:18
I just got a used Horseman 6x9 roll film back. It appears to be a current model. I have no instructions. Can anyone tell me what the little silver lever/tab you see when you open the back is for? It's near the frame number display on the in sert. Also, am I right in thinking that you advance the film until you can see the sta rting arrow in the circular cutout? Thanks in advance, njb

Mark Windom
24-Aug-1999, 20:10

The silver lever/tab needs to be moved in the direction of the arrow before you can advance the film advance lever.

You are correct in thinking that you advance the film until you can see the arrow in the circular cutout.

The Horseman back is a good one. I've had my 6X9 back for about 5 years and have never had a problem with it. I find that I use my view camera with the roll film back more often that I use sheet film.

Garrett Adams
24-Aug-1999, 22:42
Nacio, I'll take you mean the insert and not the outer film holder shell. I have the latest style 6x9 size holders and there is no lever near the film port. Only the film tensioning springy thing.

Garrett Adams
24-Aug-1999, 22:46
Sorry!!! I wasn't thinking - of course the whole shebang is part of the insert and answer #1 is correct. I'm in a fog.