View Full Version : Dip-and-dunk tool handle rubberizer on plastic focus knobs?

29-Apr-2015, 07:13
I'm camping on some auction site searches looking for a Toyo 45G and one of the things that was mentioned as different between it and the GII was the knobs were re-done. I was just curious if anyone's taken to using the dip-and-dunk rubberizing stuff you can get for tool handles and using that on the knobs to get a better/larger grip on them?

In what way were the knobs the G a problem that they needed to be upgraded with the GII?

29-Apr-2015, 08:37
I've used the dip and dunk stuff for other things. With the canned variety you do not get the same thickness as commonly seen on spring clamps and plier handles. It's more like a paper-thin layer. If you are willing to dunk and dunk and dunk and dunk with a day between each layer, eventually you can build any thickness you want, though.