View Full Version : Mounting 210mm Nikkor-W f/5.6 on Horseman FA board

27-Apr-2015, 20:13
My lensboard arrived from Japan today, and I realized that the Nikkor has a screw that expects a notched lensboard. Should I try notching the lensboard, or should I remove the screw from the Copal shutter? Not sure what the recommended way of dealing with this is.

Now I just need the two lensboards coming from Hong Kong to show up!


Doremus Scudder
28-Apr-2015, 02:52
The little screw is there to keep the shutter from turning after mounting on the lensboard. However, most of us find it superfluous and just remove it. I don't think I've got a single lens mounted with the screw still intact...

If you like, you can drill a small notch in your lensboard, but if you make a hole completely through, you've got a potential light leak. I'd try it without the screw (save it for later) and see how things go.



28-Apr-2015, 06:27
The Nikon-branded lens boards have a notch for the screw. The notch doesn't go all the way through the metal.

I've never felt the need to mangle up a good lens board just to keep the lens at Nikon's preferred orientation, so I remove the screw instead of drill the board. Actually, of my seven Nikon LF lenses, only a couple came with the screw still intact. Most had been removed long before.

28-Apr-2015, 07:47
The front standard for that camera is from the 6x9 Horseman which uses small Seiko shutters. Copal 1 can be difficult to operate, depending on how it is mounted. You may need to rotate the shutter around and experiment to find the best position for the cocking lever, aperture lever and cable release socket.

2-May-2015, 20:32
I had managed to find the proper lens board for the lens, as recommended by Horseman. Today I finally had a little time, and was able to mount it. I can't wait to find time to take the camera out for a spin.