View Full Version : Nepal Earthquake!

John Kasaian
27-Apr-2015, 17:45
Horrible news and video on the tube! So much death and destruction is hard to even comprehend. My heart goes out to the Nepalese.
I've never shot in Nepal but I know several here have been. Your negatives are probably windows on a world that is now past History.
Very sad.

28-Apr-2015, 07:08
Honestly, I was traveling all day yesterday for work and now at the job site. Had not heard about it, until this morning. How tragic of an event.
My thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this event.

28-Apr-2015, 07:42
If you have a PayPal account, it's effortless to donate. Go to the homepage (http://www.paypal.com) and you can scroll through to your charity of choice. 100% goes to to the organization.

28-Apr-2015, 11:15
I do not know the details (if a % is taken or whatnot), but I think that facebook is matching up to a few million dollars donated. Just FYI.