View Full Version : PRECISION Anastigmat 18cm F5.5 mystery...?

23-Apr-2015, 16:05
Just got this lens with a box of junk and dust. Could not find any online info relevant to this.
It is marked:
PRECISION Anastigmat 18cm F5.5 made in Germany, and is mounted in a Betax #3.

Any ideas?

25-Apr-2015, 11:26
Since none of our knowledgeable lens collectors/users have replied yet, I could try a wild guess.

Some of the Goerz dialytes like the Celor had maximum apertures around f5.5. This lens could be a similar design if not made by Goerz.

Doing a reflection count might shed some light. I believe a single dialyte cell should give 4 bright reflections and no dim ones (no cemented surfaces, two air spaced elements).