View Full Version : Super Angulon 90mm F8 Synchro-Compur

Steve Bell
18-Jan-2005, 05:29
I'm considering bidding on a Super Angulon 90mm F8 in a Synchro-Compur shutter, but am suspicious of the lenses description. The Shutter is described as a Synchro Compur D fitting a Copal 0 lensboard. From the picture the centre looks very thin, more like the 00 shutter on my Super Angulon 65mm, and there is no viewing lever, just B to hold the lens open. The lens has a 67mm filter thread. I'm suspicious of its description. Is there a Synchro-Compur D shutter the same size as a Copal 0? Google finds no reference to it. I am only interested in the lens if it fits a Copal 0 hole.

Stan. Laurenson-Batten
18-Jan-2005, 05:49
Hello Steve.

I have one such lens. My Sinar Schneider Auper Angulon 90/f8 in on a Sinar Lens Board and sports a Syncro-Compur Shutter with speeds to 1/500. The shutter has all the normal fitting for full operation.
Other than saying that I find the lens excellent I am unable to help further.
Sounds like a typical Ebay ad. Have you tried giving Matt at Robert White a call : 01202727428
or email: www.robertwhite.co.uk

Good luck, may see you in Skye


Eduardo Aigner
18-Jan-2005, 07:10
I have one of this lenses (Linhof Technika selected). I agree that it is a nice piece of glass. My synchro-compur has a viewing lever (a small one), a flash lever (MX V), and is mounted on a linhof recessed board. The board shutter hole is about 34mm. The speeds go to 1/500 ant there is a B setting (no T). The filter ring is a 67mm either. Souds just equal to your EBay lens. Go for it!

Dan Fromm
18-Jan-2005, 07:44
Synchro-Compur "D"? Are you sure it isn't "P"? If "P," the shutter will have a little button that actuates a blade retarder for press focus. I ask because I have a couple of #0 Synchro Compur P shutters.



Brian Ellis
18-Jan-2005, 08:11
The Synchro Compur I owned had a preview "button," but it was just a little serated metal piece, not a big piece of plastic as on newer Copals, so it was easy to overlook.

Dick Baznik
18-Jan-2005, 12:22
This lens comes in early and late versions. The early versions, one of which I have, comes in a #00 shutter, while the later versions appeared in #0 shutters. It's a good lens, but it sounds like you're looking at one of the earlier versions.

Steve Bell
18-Jan-2005, 13:51
Thanks for all the replies. The S/N of the lens I was considering was 8008237, dating to 1963. My 65mm lens is 8646090, slightly newer and has a 00 shutter, so logically I suspect the lens I'm querying will also have a 00 shutter. I should have thought of this comparison earlier.