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21-Apr-2015, 10:09
Hello LF'ers!

I'm assessing the insanity of scratching my long-standing ULF itch. It won't be news to anyone here that film availability is a real issue. However, I am finding it to be much more of an issue even at 11x14 than I had anticipated. 8x10 seems to be a stock-item all over the place, but at 11x14 I've found nothing.

Short of going in on a group-buy, does any retailer stock 11x14 film? Frankly, I'd much prefer Portra 400, since it scans beautifully and the speed is welcome, but I'd be quite happy to find some HP5+.

Thanks in advance.


- N.

21-Apr-2015, 10:13
Don't know about in stock, but the Ilford ULF custom film ordering program is open as we speak.

See: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?121422-Ilford-2015-ULF-custom-film-order-window-is-open

John Layton
21-Apr-2015, 10:16
B+H currently lists 25-sheet boxes of 11x14 HP5+ as being in stock...with no minimum order requirement.

They also list 10 sheet boxes of Portra 160 - but with a large minimum order requirement plus a waiting period.

So...go for the HP5+ and you can scratch that itch ASAP!

21-Apr-2015, 10:20

How the heck did I miss that? Maybe when my brain turned to ULF my ability to search websites fell off the ledge :-)

- N.

21-Apr-2015, 11:24
Keith Canham brokers the sales of large format film. Kodak Alaris will cut any Kodak film to size but there are minimum amounts. When Keith gets enough people to make the minimum amount, he places the order. He can give a close price but does not know the exact cost until the order is actually made.

He has this website and also is on Facebook:


24-Apr-2015, 04:51
I generally get film from Germany. Not much in 11x14, but in case you are interested:


26-Apr-2015, 09:17
If interested in orthochromatic film, you may order this:


No 11x14" anymore, but you may cut 12x16" under red light.

The Ortho 25 gives nice results, more smooth or contrasty, depending on the developer.

Instead of the very hard ATO 2,1, I better prefer Xray film.


Fr. Mark
3-May-2015, 21:19
search on cxsonline.com and zzmedical again assuming orthochromatic film is o.k. These are suppliers of X-ray film. Good things can be done with it. see voluminous other threads.