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Petzval Paul
21-Apr-2015, 09:34
While there are many terrific examples of prints made from x ray film negatives, I have yet to see what a properly exposed and developed negative looks like. I just developed my first sheet and it's a bit weird. The blue base, for one, is.... different. I can't see it making developing by inspection any easier. I'm also not %100 sure what is base and what is fog. Are printing times longer than ordinary film?

Please, if anyone can post a pic of a negative, I'd be really happy to see it. Thanks!

21-Apr-2015, 09:52
At least with the uv prints I made yesterday, printing times were the same as with regular negatives, although double sided film means you can achieve densities and contrasts that are beyond the reach of regular negatives. For regular wet printing, this can be an issue. Apart from that, I can't comment but it seems perfectly feasible to me to develop for a contrast that prints fine in an enlarger.

Andrew O'Neill
21-Apr-2015, 10:28
My xray negs are quite dense as they are developed for carbon printing, so there would be no point in uploading one here. Yes, the blue base is weird at first, but you'll get used to it. DBI is just as easier than conventional film. Have you printed one yet?

Petzval Paul
21-Apr-2015, 10:51
It's been raining all week so I haven't printed the first neg yet - obviously I'm contact printing. I just picked up a Century no 7 studio camera so this is the first time in forever that I can use modern sized film (I've been shooting whole plates, for the most part). Thanks for the help!

Rick Olson
21-Apr-2015, 13:40
Hi Petzval Paul ... My negatives are contacted printed on normal graded or VC papers. The x-ray negative looks like my standard negatives, only with the blue film base. I expose for good shadow density and adjust development for the highlights. Just handle carefully when wet.


Andrew O'Neill
21-Apr-2015, 14:00
obviously I'm contact printing

Some people scan and output on inkjet, or digital neg. I sometimes make digi negs from them, so in that case, the xray neg looks really thin compared to carbon and VC printing. So, what are you contact printing on?

Petzval Paul
21-Apr-2015, 15:44
For testing purposes, I was trying to print it as a traditional cyanotype. Seems a little dense and better suited for a salt print, but for testing it should work. New camera, new film, new lens, and new developer (pyrocat) so there a lot of variables to work out. I have exactly one Kodak 8x10 hanger, so that's what I can process at a shot. It's just strange developing by inspection - with collodion or dry plates the safe lights can be pretty bright and the base is, obviously, as clear as it can get. With pyro staining, a blue base, and two sides of emulsion, this x ray stuff is really a whole new animal!

Andrew O'Neill
21-Apr-2015, 20:09
I also use Pyrocat-HD. My safelight is quite bright so I have no problem with DBI, although I depend more on time, temperature method. You'll get the hang of it!