View Full Version : Does anyone recognize this little brass lens?

Jonathan Barlow
19-Apr-2015, 17:50

I can't find any markings.


22-Apr-2015, 16:29
Looks like a small no-name petzval. possibly a Darlot. I've seen a few darlot petzvals with that front style. small focal length maybe 6 inches? for carte de visite. Just a guess. Focal length and max aperture are easy to check. you could take out the rear elements to see if there are any pencilled maker writing. Like I said just a guess.

Jim Galli
22-Apr-2015, 16:40
Made by the thousands for projection equipment around the turn of the last century. Many mfrs offered no-name cheapies. Sometimes the better projection equipment mfrs like Edison and McIntosh would inscribe their name. Many were made by Darlot. They didn't have to be very good to project a nice sharp center, thus they're well loved now for their signature flaws.