View Full Version : Fujinon A 240: difference between single coated and EBC

19-Apr-2015, 06:01
I was reading lots of posts in this forum, but did not find any established opinion about any differences between multi-coated (EBC) and single coated versions of Fujinon A 240/9.
Can someone tell how does single coated versions work with bw and color images except for flare control, of which I am not very concerned?

Gary Tarbert
19-Apr-2015, 07:05
Only ever used the EBC version , In my limited knowledge is the only cosmetic difference lettering on outside of lens later version , lettering on lens front older ?

David Karp
19-Apr-2015, 08:41
I used to own a single coated version. It was sharp and contrasty for black and white. Never used it for color. Later sold it on the forum after I picked up a multicoated version on eBay at a very good (for the time) price.

19-Apr-2015, 10:05
David, is multicoated version different for black and white?

19-Apr-2015, 10:32
You'll never see the difference................

19-Apr-2015, 12:17
I suspect, that there will be almost no perceivable difference. Nevertheless.
Let me reformulate the question: if anybody used both single coated and multicoated versions, was there anything different you ever noticed between them?

Ken Lee
19-Apr-2015, 13:01
Better coating gives better protection against lens flare.


This video shows the difference between coated and non-coated lenses for cinema.

You can extrapolate and imagine the difference between older and modern coating: it's a matter of degree.

Depending on the lighting, the difference will be pronounced or minimal.

19-Apr-2015, 13:11
Thank you, Ken, for this example.

19-Apr-2015, 15:55
I own a single coated fujinon 360mm f6.3 W. 8x10 lens. actually covers 11x14 but I've only used it on 8x0. It is very sharp. looks fine on Tri-x. Goes a little blue in the whites with Portra 400 In my studio, but portra always does that with window light for me. More so than my t-star coated Hasselblad lenses. It's noticeable, but not a deal breaker. The fujinon single coated are really nice not too pricey lenses. It's actually the only somewhat modern 8x10 lens I have kept, but that's mainly because I shoot mostly wet plate and prefer vintage lenses. It's my in shutter film lens. Sorry I can't compare it to the ebc fuji's

David Karp
19-Apr-2015, 16:16
I don't think you could see a difference. Maybe you would see a difference if you were pointing the lens into the sun.