View Full Version : Help! Moersch 4812 (or equivalent?) Needed!

John Layton
17-Apr-2015, 08:58
Having standardized for Moersch 4812 paper developer, I am now in need of between two and four liters of concentrate - and it looks like my supplier, Freestyle, will be out of stock until early June.

In the meantime, anybody but Freestyle in the U.S. carry this developer? Barring this, is there anyone here who might have some extra that they could sell and ship to me pronto?

Or...could anybody recommend another developer which might share some of 4812's qualities:
- Liquid concentrate
- Ecologically "reasonable"
- Rich, well separated blacks (dmax with guts!)
- Great midranges, brilliant highlights
- Near neutral (but not boring!) tonality with Ilford's new Classic FB paper
- Long life in large (24x36) open trays
- Great capacity in terms of square inches of paper
- Lives long, and dies fast (oh, that we all could do this ourselves!)

My previous experience has been with Dektol, Selectol, Amidol, LPD, Sprint, and at least this many others which I'm forgetting...but in recent months, I feel like I've found a new "sweet spot" with Moersch 4812 and, specifically, Ilford's new Classic FB paper. More importantly, I've recently created portfolios with this combo that I now need to expand upon...and soon!

So again, if anybody who may be using this combo and who knows someone other than Freestyle in the U.S who might have some 4812 in stock, or who may have some extra 4812 lying around and could sell me some, or who could at least recommend a developer which might give equivalent results...that would be great! You can either PM or contact through website listed in profile. Thank You!!

17-Apr-2015, 09:02

It seems available from Moersch directly.

John Layton
17-Apr-2015, 11:02
...follow up question - anybody familiar with Moersch SE-4 Neutral? Sounds like it might be similar to 4812.