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14-Apr-2015, 16:17
Has anybody got a Wista Field with removable bellows, i think its a DX2. If possible would like a photo of the inside rear standard with bellows removed to see how it done. One of the front standard with bellows removed would be great too.

Reviewing web and it looks like I'm wrong and none of the Wista DXs have removable bellows. A photo of any field camera with the bellows removed would be fine, or even a description. I'm rebuilding a Wista DX and would like to make the bellows removable.

Mick Fagan
14-Apr-2015, 16:30
Shane, although not a Wista, my Shen Hao wooden folder has removable bellows, I can meet up with you and let you pull it to pieces. I also have bag bellows for it, different but also well made.


14-Apr-2015, 16:55
Mick I was looking at the Shen Hao bellows to use so maybe that's a good idea. Not in a hurry but will contact you to arrange a call in when im over your way. Can you measure to frame sizes for me?

14-Apr-2015, 18:07
The Wista wood field camera with removable bellows is the 45 SW (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/169159-REG/Wista_214607_45SW_Rosewood_4x5_Wooden.html). They aren't very common, I've had quite a few Wista cameras over the years and have never even seen an SW.