View Full Version : Do you separate important film to develop.

14-Apr-2015, 11:44
this might sound cheesy, but for the important shots, do you separate them and develop them separately in a different time in the lab?

In case the lab screw up all the important ones at a time. Only develop portion of the negs first, then develop the rest at another time.

14-Apr-2015, 11:46
Sure. That's a good safeguard. If you know you have a good lab, I don't know that it is really necessary but, if it feels safer, do it that way.

14-Apr-2015, 11:49
I am using a trusted lab, but I want to play safe.
I think I might be stupidly give them the film holders vs. have them stacked in the box.

as you can see, I am new.

thanks for the quick reply

14-Apr-2015, 12:02
I'll split it in half and do them separate in case something happens..sure

very often..I'll take one side of the holder and put it in one empty box, and put the other sheet in another

14-Apr-2015, 12:11
thank you for sharing

Bruce Watson
14-Apr-2015, 12:12
In my darkroom? No. In someone else's lab? Sure.

14-Apr-2015, 13:03

In my darkroom? No. In someone else's lab? Sure.

Liquid Artist
14-Apr-2015, 13:22
With B&W and in my darkroom with duplicates I always develop one first, and if I need to tweak it up a little I'll make the changes on the second print.

If I'm making duplicates on colour film I'd be tempted to split then up and send them to 2 different pro labs.
Not all pro labs are equal, and you may find that one blows away the rest quality wise.

On a related note. I always get the lab to print a contact sheet, with No Corrections. This gives me a true indication of both their quality and more importantly if I can do something to improve my work.

lab black
14-Apr-2015, 13:59
If I am going to send film to a lab, I will make two exposures of each scene. The first exposures are put in three boxes and labeled;
Set A
A1) normal development
A2) minus development
A3) plus development

The second exposures are put in three boxes and labeled;
Set B
B1) normal development
B2) minus development
B3) plus development

Set A is taken to the lab for processing and then evaluated.
Set B is taken to the lab at a later time.

If the lab makes an error, the second set is a back up.
In addition, following evaluation of set A, set B can be adjusted for plus and minus development as appropriate.