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12-Apr-2015, 19:50
Just put in a stink bid on Evilbay and got a nice condition Toyo 45D for $90. Can anybody tell me anything about this camera? Wasn't planning on a 45D but I won it anyway. Not one I've heard much talk about.

I now have my original Linhof Color Kardan, a spare body with bellows, a Burke and James Orbit, and now the 45D. I'm still holding out for a Toyo Robos and a Horseman L45, but at these prices, I can add (and have added) 4x5 cameras to my collection. I got so much good advice from you guys about what camera to buy after my Kardan, that I've taken all of it, hehe. Hopelessly hooked. I have 5 lenses and they don't care what camera they're on! :rolleyes:

Here's a recent shot taken with my Linhof, 150mm Zeiss f4.5 Tessar, HP5 in HC110 1:63, 1/100 at f8. Telechick Creek, British Columbia near Prince George.


13-Apr-2015, 18:20
I have one as a backup. From memory and use, it weighs 7.8 pounds, has full movements, rotating back, can handle I believe up to 400mm extension (I use a Nikkor 300mm f5.6 with room to spare).

Bulky but usable in the field. Make sure you have a set of allen wrenches in various small sizes to tighten the various moving parts as I have found with use parts will loosen. Be careful not to overtighten the front and rear standard release as they are plastic and will crack and become ineffective (requiring epoxy).

Double check camera vibration when all is tightened down and if you have some movement, get your allen wrenches out again.

A fair product as a backup. Toyo 158mm square metal boards which are easily obtainable and not too expensive. Bellows? Well good luck finding a decent bellows for this camera at this point.


13-Apr-2015, 23:02
Thanks so much. I thought it might make a good backup or trunk camera . . . . I wasn't expecting a Stradivarius for the price but it's nice to hear a thing or two about it from someone who has it. Cheers! :D