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12-Apr-2015, 13:24
So this guy crossed my path today and I decided to buy it for a pittance. It is a Plaubel Peco Universal III 8x10 (that's a mouthful). I have been trawling the web for a manual so that I have something to keep me occupied while the camera is being shipped, but no luck. Anyone here who might have a scanned copy ? Many thanks in advance

John Kasaian
12-Apr-2015, 13:58
Too cool!:cool:
Sorry I can't help:(

12-Apr-2015, 14:17
It is the one from stf503695 for 325 EUR ?

12-Apr-2015, 14:28
How did you guess?

12-Apr-2015, 14:37
I follow stf503695, seems to have an endless supply of high quality MF and some LF gear, a very short listing time (only 2 days), no reserve ever, the description is so-so and the cameras are not fully tested, you can have surprises. I scored some deals in the past myself, I followed this camera out of curiosity, the 8x10 is not so abundant in EU the price was excellent, congratulation.

How did you guess?

12-Apr-2015, 14:40
For that price I could not let it go

12-Apr-2015, 14:53
I have had a wonderful Universal II, and a III, too. Both in 5x7".
I would say, there is nothing special which would need a manual.

But the Plaubel Company still exists, and they are very helpful, you can email them.
I got som old prospects for nothing, maybe the last ones, very nice.

Give the leather some lube and the mechanism some greece.
Be very carefull in tighten the standards, a bit is here enough, and than this will live longer.
If not installed, you can use the Plaubel Profia international backs.
The Profia platines work, too.
Accessoire like bellows, rails and so on is not so easy to find.
The combinated movements are a bit tricky, but one can work very fast with them..
A very germanlike solid, and for me a very beautyful machine.


12-Apr-2015, 14:58
Thanks for the encouragement Ritchie

Daniel Unkefer
12-Apr-2015, 19:00
Looks like a lovely camera. I have three of the later Plaubel views (the Peco Profia) The standards look similar, yet they are different.

www.ebay.de would be a good bet for accessories for it. I have seen them there.

13-Apr-2015, 00:22
Found something here: http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/plaubel_1.html (http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/plaubel_1.html)