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Michael Kadillak
12-Apr-2015, 11:33
Recently acquired a 760mm Apo Nikkor f11 lens in aluminum barrel and I was wondering if anyone can assist me in determining the skew in filter size for the front and also the correct size for the lens caps? There was a nice link to the drawings of this lens online in a previous post and the post is no longer available.

Thanks in advance!

Dan Fromm
12-Apr-2015, 14:04
Michael, the catalog says that the 610/9 and 760/11 have the same fronts. It also says their filter threads are 105x0.75. I just measured my 610, it is a little smaller across the threads.

Lens cap is a hard question. The standard issue lens cap is an assembly with a flip cap. The assembly screws onto the front of the lens. I unscrewed my 610's cap assembly, measured the smooth barrel in front of its mounting threads, got not quite 118 mm. There's nothing like this in the catalog. Wait for the lens to come and measure the barrel.

If you want to go blind staring at the drawings, go here http://www.savazzi.net/photography/old_literature.htm and download one of the Apo Nikkor brochures.

Michael Kadillak
12-Apr-2015, 16:34
I have the 610 lens and have a 95mm UV filer screwed into the top and takes 100mm caps. I can tell it is a filter size larger than 95mm - maybe 105 or 110mm ?

I sent the 760 to get it cleaned and before I sent it off I could see that the front lens cap was 110mm, but this proportion was too big for the back element.

I found a piece of PVC from Home Depot fit perfectly over the barrel of the 610 so I mounted a packard shutter using this as a fitted base and fortunately, the lens barrel dimensions are identical for the 760mm so the packard will be able to serve two masters.....

Armin Seeholzer
13-Apr-2015, 11:38
I have the 610 lens and have a 95mm UV filer screwed into the top

Mine also, cheers Armin

Andrea Gazzoni
13-Apr-2015, 12:48
my 760 takes 100mm lens caps

5-Apr-2018, 12:00
I recently purchased a 760 which came with the original front cap but no cap for the rear. The 610 caps fit perfectly on both lens which also have the same filter threads - 95mm. I bought a 100mm Kaiser slip-on cap for the rear element and it fits perfectly.


rich caramadre
5-Apr-2018, 16:52
Did you get that lens mounted yet Thomas?


5-Apr-2018, 19:19
PM sent.