View Full Version : nikon sw 90/8.0 on Master Technika classic

Tjibbe Veeloo
14-Jan-2005, 17:40
I posted a question about camming a 80 mm ssxl to my M.Technika and Bob was so kind to answer it, unfortunately it was not the answer I was hoping for, this lens cannot be cammed.
So my next option is the Nikon SW 90/8.0. Any opinions with this lens cammed to the MT ?
Or any other 90 mm. top quality ( new ) lens suggestion that, when cammed, does not need to drop the bed ? Thanks in advance.

David A. Goldfarb
14-Jan-2005, 19:39
Did Bob say the Nikon SW 90/8.0 can be cammed? I didn't think they cammed any Nikon lenses. You'll probably have better luck with a 90mm Super-Angulon (of whichever variety you choose) or Grandagon.

Michael Kadillak
14-Jan-2005, 20:12
I had Marflex cam a 90mm Nikon f8 for my Master Technika a while back along with a Nikon 150W and a Nikon 200M. Have not shot the 90 mm with the camera in a while, but I do not remember a problem with using it or needing to tilt the bed. I use the same lens on my 5x7 so I know that it has coverage to spare.

A very sharp, contrasty, light and reasonably priced lens.


Bob Salomon
15-Jan-2005, 04:31
Yes all 90mm lenses can be cammed.

Tjibbe Veeloo
15-Jan-2005, 05:01
David/Michael/Bob, thank you all for your helpful comments.