View Full Version : Details of a french tailboard reisekamera (chambre de Voyage)

Steven Tribe
9-Apr-2015, 09:25
This is a posting to help someone who has an incomplete 13x18 "turn the bellows" french style chambre de voyage. This has been shown in the "show your lf camera" thread.

This shows brass work on a similar 24x30cm camera.


10-Apr-2015, 14:01
Thank you very mutch!

i try to repair my camera and show it

Steven Tribe
11-Apr-2015, 03:18
I can post better photos if this is very like yours!

Note the the brass knob which sticks down from the base plate at the bottom of photo 3 is the focussing screw which is connected to the continuous brass geared track.

This is a very different system from usual and means it can easily be used on a flat surface. I think the condition of your bellows is quite good.

11-Apr-2015, 08:36
The main points for assembly I understand.
I have two geared tracks, and two holes for knobs on the sides.
In your photo I saw the mobility front board, I want to do the same. In most reisekameras this possibility I have not seen

11-Apr-2015, 11:22
And yes, bellows in excelent condition.

Steven Tribe
11-Apr-2015, 12:16
Many "turn the bellows" for change in portrait/landscape mode have the front adjustment as the rear standard is locked into the brass slots on the base.

12-Apr-2015, 02:02
Somethink like slots for cassettes on the rear side? Square slot.

29-Apr-2015, 01:12
i find same camera on auction is very similar

Steven Tribe
30-Apr-2015, 01:27
Just to keep you active!

This is a better shot of the 24x30cm front brass fitment. This would be quite easy to make (a pair!) from flat brass.

The other photo is of a more complicated system with movements on front and rear standards. The front bracket here is raised about 3mm to allow the rear to pass through for packing.