View Full Version : Wisner 8x20 Conversion on Wisner Traditional 8x10?

neil poulsen
9-Apr-2015, 08:58
Checking on www.archive.org, I see that Wisner made an 8x20 conversion for Wisner 8x10 Tech field cameras. I have one of these conversions, and I'm wondering if they can be mounted on a Wisner Traditional 8x10? I know that they were designed for an 8x10 Tech Field or an Expedition.

If so, how well do they work? Are they tight, or is there play in the rails? What's the maximum bellows extension?

Thanks in advance.

11-Apr-2015, 21:03
I ran into the same problem when I scored my 8x20 conversion. I had and still have a 8x10 traditional. I ended up buying a tech field to mount the conversion on. I prefer the tech anyway, the geared rear tilt is much easier to use.
My 8x20 fits beautifully to the 8x10. I have had no issues with it binding, or being too loose. The bellows is light tight. Mine came with 2 wisner holders, both of which I have had no problems with.
The bellows extension is not as long as the tech field IRC. I don't know what the max extension is off the top of my head however. I believe I have shot a 600mm at infinity on it.

The rails on the traditional are much thicker than on the tech and expedition. I don't have everything easily accessible at the moment but it might be possible to make it work together with some additional wood.

neil poulsen
12-Apr-2015, 02:47
Thanks for your response. Exactly what I need to know. Neil