View Full Version : Shows in LA or Phoenix in coming weeks?

Bruce Watson
14-Jan-2005, 09:35
I'm going to be in the desert southwest the last of January and beginning of February, in that band of desert between LA and Pheonix/Tucson mostly.

Are there any interesting shows at gallerys or museums that are worth seeing? I'm thinking mostly photography, large format (of course), but painting, sculpture, music, etc. are all interesting.

Any suggestions along these lines?

Mark Sawyer
14-Jan-2005, 10:06
If you call ahead to the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, you can make reservations to see original prints by quite a few of the "masters," or a pretty impressive range of semi-obscure photographers. The current gallery show is on street photography, and features some nice Weegee prints, plus there are some random "classic" selections from their collections.

The Etherton Gallery had a show that included a dozen or so of Chris Burkett's color prints from 8x10; don't know if it's still up...

Gem Singer
14-Jan-2005, 11:52
Hi Hogarth,

Between L.A. and Phoenix, once you pass East of the Palms Springs area, the only thing to see are miles and miles of cactus infested desert scenery. There are a few interesting scenic areas as you cross the Colorado River into Arizona. I've made the trip by automobile several times. In the summer months, it's more comfortable to drive it at night because of the daytime heat. However, daytime temperatures won't be that high at the end of January and beginning of Feburary. it should be comfortable during the day and much cooler after the sun goes down.

Aside from The Center For Creative Photography, located on the U of A campus, not much else (photographically speaking) in Tucson. Phoenix has the Etherton Gallery and a nice museum. If you make it to Phoenix, be sure to drop in at the Photomark store on MacDowell Rd. and say hello to Rod Klukas. He can point you in the direction of the various photo exhibits and interesting scenics in the area.

Sharon S.
14-Jan-2005, 15:35
If you're in L.A. around the 20th of Jan, you might want to check out Photo LA which is held at the Santa Monica Civic.

chris jordan
14-Jan-2005, 15:44
Hogarth, if you happen to be in LA on Feb 12, I'm having a month-long show at Paul Kopeikin's gallery that opens that night. I'll have eight of my large prints up, and would be delighed to meet you in person.



matthew blais
14-Jan-2005, 15:56
If you don't blink whilst driving from LA to Palm Springs, check out this in Riverside.

http://www.cmp.ucr.edu/ (http://www.cmp.ucr.edu/)

Bruce Watson
15-Jan-2005, 13:59

Thanks for the offer, but I've got to be in NYC on 10-Feb-2005 so I'm afraid I'll miss your opening. Good luck with it though.