View Full Version : ss xl 80 mm on M.Technika Classic on new lensboard

Tjibbe Veeloo
14-Jan-2005, 03:01
Hi everyone,
In the Linhof website ( the German one only) the ss xl 80 mm. is shown on a new linhof
lensboard for use on the Master T. Classic. I am interested in buying this lens and have it cammed
to the MT. in the future.
Does anyone of you uses this combination and what are your experiences ?
Most important for me, will the bed of the MT. vignet in either horizontal/vertical orientation ?
Thank you in advance for your comments.
Tjibbe Veeloo

Bob Salomon
14-Jan-2005, 03:23
It can be mounted but, to date, ther is no cam.

Tjibbe Veeloo
14-Jan-2005, 07:07
Thanks for the inf Bob