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Kirk Gittings
13-Jan-2005, 12:41
Over the years I have given numerous of talks about my work and architectural photography. These talks have always been to different groups and different kinds of audiences. I have basically been recycling and updating a similar talk about the business and my work for like twenty years now and gotten away with it. Now with the regularity of the LF Conference and my ongoing participation in it I am faced with a somewhat repeating audience and I would like to be more responsive to what kinds of information that people are looking for.

If you are going to the conference and have some interest in architectural photography, I would be interested in where your interests lie. I would appreciate your comments.

This may seem early, as the conference is in late May, but I need the time to prepare as the spring is extemely busy for me.

Brian Schall
13-Jan-2005, 13:02

Where is the conference being held?

Brian, Albuquerque too

Kirk Gittings
13-Jan-2005, 13:48
This year unfortunately (I love the west) it is in Springfiel Mass. May 20th to the 22nd.

Louie Powell
13-Jan-2005, 14:57
But for those of us who live in the East, Springfield is a great choice.

John Cook
14-Jan-2005, 04:02
Whilst all the Springfield 19th-Century big-money movers and shakers have died and their children long since moved away to the Sun Belt, much of their grand architecture remains. Whole neighborhoods, in fact.

Check out the Forest Park neighborhood website: http://www.forestparkca.com/ (http://www.forestparkca.com/)

Springfield used to be called "the city of homes". Many of these might be fun to photograph in a style which was popular when they were first built.

Just a thought.

Kirk Gittings
14-Jan-2005, 11:07
Is it possible to get access to a really good one to do a demo?

John Cook
14-Jan-2005, 11:46
I'll e-mail you names and numbers I don't have permission to put on the web.

Kirk Gittings
16-Jan-2005, 19:52
Is anyone out there in Springfield with any direct connections for a demo site? This would mean flying with my strobe gear (which I really like doing since 911), but if it could be arranged I might be inclined to do it. This would be for the Friday just before the conference gets going.