View Full Version : weight Kodak Commercial View 8x10" ???

1-Apr-2015, 09:36
Can anyone tell me the weight of the 8x10 Kodak Commercial view camera - this is the metal one that looks like a 2D
I look around but have not found the weight spec.


Carl J
1-Apr-2015, 21:55
I have 9 lbs 7ounces. without the rear extension or sliding tripod block (no lensboard). Rear extension is 20 ounces, sliding tripod block approx. 1 lb. 11 ounces. Magnesium.

2-Apr-2015, 10:02
Hi Carl,
Thank you so very much for checking this for me. I looked in this forum and many places on the web and could not find the answer.
much appreciated!

Carl J
2-Apr-2015, 15:27

Glad to help. Mine's not in quite the cleaned-up condition as some of the recent posts (and I don't have the add-on front tilt mechanism) so it's a little rough around the edges. It's nice to have the sliding tripod block. Although not essential, it makes it easier to center the weight of the camera at longer extensions. Also, the 6" square lens boards are easy to make out of masonite, if need be, when you want to try out a new lens in an older shutter or in barrel, for example. Nothing fancy, but all in all a relatively light, sturdy, capable camera. :)