View Full Version : What is the best time of year to photograph in Santa Fe New Mexico?

28-Mar-2015, 21:10
Planning a trip to Santa Fe New Mexico and would like to know the best time of year for photography.

I am shooting 4 x 5 Black and White.

I am sure there will be varied responses but I am still curious.



Kirk Gittings
28-Mar-2015, 21:23
Best time of year for what kind of photography?

28-Mar-2015, 21:48
Best time of year for what kind of photography?

I am not sure I understand the meaning behind your question, but I will provide a response as best I can.

I would like to do landscape photography, maybe photographs of the Adobe buildings.

Kirk Gittings
28-Mar-2015, 22:04
Time of year is very important for some subject matter. For example some people like to photograph the changing leaves in fall, some want nice clouds, some don't want to battle the summer tourist hordes to photograph buildings, some want to shoot a north facing building with sun on it etc. To me late summer, after the kids are back in school (ie fewer tourists), during our "monsoon season" (better chance of nice clouds) is generally the best time of year in general unless you are looking for something specific which may alter this.

29-Mar-2015, 17:52
I am thinking about late September or early November.
I don't like crowds.

I like clouds.

I don't like the heat but prefer cooler weather.

Thanks for the input.


Kirk Gittings
29-Mar-2015, 18:47
you bet

30-Mar-2015, 06:47
July 4th. Great celebration in downtown park.

Andrew Plume
30-Mar-2015, 07:04
the clouds in NM are unlike clouds anywhere else imho

................and after rain, even better too

Kirk's the man on the ground, so who better to advise

good luck with your trip

30-Mar-2015, 08:03
I'd say September over your other choice. There are a lot of fiestas in Sept, the Fall is my favorite time of year in NM. I lived in southern NM for 10 years.

Gary Tarbert
30-Mar-2015, 09:15
My tip no matter what county.Is change of season , I always find my most dramatic skys at these times ,Change from summer to Autumn and change from winter to Spring , We only have 2 seasons in Australia anyway so who cares ?

Brian Schall
5-Apr-2015, 21:24
Spring time the winds start blowing and blowing and blowing. We can get 15 to 50 mph winds throughout April and May, strong enough to blow a 4x5 over. And the wind stirs up dust that clogs up the sky. Just part of living in the desert SW.

5-Apr-2015, 23:19
Late Sept through Halloween is the nicest time in all of northern NM. Colors are best in early/mid-Oct, avoid Balloon Fiesta (first two weekends in Oct) unless you're coming for that specifically (it is great but crowded in Alb, not a prob north thereof though rental cars can be hard to come by). Next best monsoon season about july through august. All seasons can be great unless a big storm blows through with winds (spring) or snow.